• Our Vision

    Our Vision

    : to cause pioneering shifts in international development effectiveness that support people as the cause of their own development.
  • Our Commitment

    Our Commitment

    : to work to raise awareness of means to create more effective international development programs.
  • Our Stand

    Our Stand

    : to support innovative shifts in international development programs that will create sustainable and exponential outcomes.

Transformational Development. Transforming Lives.

IDEA is committed to transforming the outcomes of international development projects enabling and empowering people and communities to create healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling lives.

About IDEA

IDEA is the Center of Excellence for causing pioneering shifts in effectiveness through leader formation at all levels of the international development process. We support individuals as “being” the cause of their own development, particularly through leader development programs. We are committed to action and activities that complement and support organizations and individuals while accomplishing those shifts. Effective international development is our stand. IDEA's leader development Working Sessions will provide you with: •Actionable insights into the source of leadership and performance limitations •Tools for enhancing performance and effectiveness •Ability to determine what would be a major breakthrough for your organization •An accessible model for a new paradigm in international development. Check our post for dates and location of the next Working Session.

Words From Recent Participants

"This working session can help management establish an organization where people feel they can speak up, and their opinions and work matter and are a contribution. The concepts can help manager leaders to establish a working vision (rather than tasks); this will give people at all levels the ability to "move the ball forward." -- Manager, major USAID contractor.

"I am more aware of my actions and understand that my actions directly influence the people around me. The working session reaffirmed that I need to be true to my convictions through direct action. This training would be useful for the leadership of development organizations and also for training of donor programs in the field." -- Manager, major USAID contractor.

"The tools and methodology presented were of value to me and shifted how I have been thinking and communicating. To be effective in moving the international development industry up a notch, the scale (of the IDEA sessions) needs to expand to reach hundreds of industry players." -- Director, medium-sized USAID contractor.